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Boat Washing and Detailing Details

Canvas: The canvas and snaps are the culprits when it come to the black streaks all along the boat, so we use a powerful streak remover before washing.

Cockpit: The cockpit is probably the most heavily soiled area of the boat since it sees the most traffic. To make this section of the boat sparkle, we use special cleaners and polishes.

Sealants: When it comes to the protection of the gel coat, I choose sealers over waxes, only because the sealer will last all season long and is UV resistant.

Boat Washing: We wash the boat using a boat soap & non-skid deck cleaner for the walking areas. We clean the chrome railings, glass and swim platform. Washing the hull can be the hardest part of the cleaning process. We spray the hull with hull cleaner and let dwell. We scrub the hull with an extendable brush, making sure to get under the rub-rail where spiders like to make their webs and leave droppings. For caked on sea scum that won't come off during the wash, we use hydrochloric acid for the waterline.

Chrome: The chrome pieces of the boat include the following: railing, horns, ladders, emblems, cleats, & canvas support. Like on a car, these pieces show the details of the boat, making it a more enjoyable craftsmanship to look at. If left unprotected, these pieces can dull a pit. We use metal polish with a UV protectant will provide protection and a brilliant shine.